Acknowledgements & Dedications    


It’s all the same for me - the people who helped make this project are the people to whom it is dedicated. Last names are unnecessary and might keep their junk mail down to the usual penis and breast enlargement products. Someone must be buying them otherwise the good capitalists wouldn’t keep sending the emails, right? But not these people, they are just right as is.


Dora. Everything for now more than half my life, by far the best half.


Elizabeth. Friend, colleague, artist, frighteningly efficient, wonderful to work for and with. 


Meg. Friend, poet, volcano chaser, visionary leader, stronger than she looks.


It was Elizabeth and Meg who challenged me to do something lasting. So this is theirs.


Wayne. Friend, thinker, viewer, writer, reader, editor, quiet challenger.


David. Friend, adversary, visionary, maddening, burns the candle at three ends


MMW+C. Shelter, feed, inspire, make crazy, indescribable, you need to come here.


Carl. Friend, teacher, mentor


Terri. Site designer. Amazing. Everyone, please stop giving me the credit.


Detroit. The first 35 years, perhaps its best stretch.